Fanta’s 2023 Rebrand: A Bold New Look for the Iconic Soda




Fanta's 2023 Rebrand: A Bold New Look for the Iconic Soda

I grew up in the 80s and early 90s. Fanta Orange was my favourite soda in the Fanta range. Mind you, there were only two flavours at that time. Fanta Orange and Fanta Grape. Over the years, the options have expanded.

In 2023, Fanta decided to shake things up with a playful and vibrant rebrand. I was intrigued to see how this iconic soda brand managed to reinvent its image while retaining its unmistakable look. With the new global brand identity, Fanta has truly embraced the fun side of life, ensuring its design remains “bold not boring” for its worldwide audience.

Exploring this rebrand, it’s evident that Fanta’s new logo is inspired by the aim to turn the plain into something playful. The redesigned logo now showcases brighter colours, an updated wordmark, and gives off an adventurous vibe, making me smile just by taking a look at it. Exhibiting a universal identity is crucial, as the brand wants to appeal to customers across various markets, and Fanta successfully does this in their 2023 rebrand campaign.

Fanta's 2023 Rebrand: A Bold New Look for the Iconic Soda

Unveiling a cohesive image for the brand wasn’t a simple task, but Fanta managed to incorporate its values and vision into this refreshingly lively and imaginative design. I’m truly impressed by the creative energy this rebrand radiates, as it invites people to immerse themselves in a world full of fun, flavours, and exciting adventures.

The Need for a Rebranding of Fanta

As I observed the trends in the beverages market, it became apparent that Fanta needed a rebranding to stay relevant and fresh in 2023. While the brand has always been associated with fun and playfulness, its identity had started to blend in with other competitors.

Recently, we saw other leading drinks brands, like PepsiCo and 7Up, revamp their branding and messaging, and they probably realised that Fanta also needed to make an impact with a new logo and identity. Staying ahead of design trends and understanding how the market is evolving is critical for a successful rebranding.

As a part of the rebranding for Fanta, they wanted to emphasize its uplifting nature and inspire people to find the fun in life. They also aimed to make the design casual and friendly while maintaining the brand’s essence. To achieve this, they incorporated brighter colours and updated the wordmark to reflect a more modern and playful vibe, similar to what’s mentioned in Packaging of the World.

Another important aspect of the rebranding was to create an innovative and unique packaging design. As mentioned by Creative Bloq, they decided on a warped, asymmetrical bottle that would help Fanta stand out on store shelves and truly embody the fun-filled spirit of the brand.

Fanta’s New Logo and Visuals

The redesigned logo aims to inspire people to find fun in life and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Fanta’s rebranding comes at a time when other legacy brands like Pepsi and Campa-Cola have also revamped their logos.

The new global identity designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie is both playful and vibrant, making it a perfect fit for Fanta’s personality. The brand now features brighter colours and an updated wordmark that is sure to catch people’s attention and make them smile.

Key elements of the new design include:

  • Bolder and more energetic colours
  • A more dynamic typography
  • Modernised packaging design

As part of the visual refresh, Fanta’s packaging also received an upgrade. According to Packaging of the World, the soda brand now showcases an attention-grabbing overall aesthetic that seamlessly matches the rejuvenated logo and wordmark. The newly redesigned visual elements convey Fanta’s commitment to delivering adventures in flavour while keeping the brand fun and approachable.

Updated Flavours and Packaging

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the updated flavours and packaging. The vibrant and playful new global brand identity has caught my eye, and I’m excited to explore what Fanta has in store.

What I found interesting is that this rebrand by Fanta not only focuses on the aesthetics of the packaging, but also aims to bring an adventure of flavour to the consumers. With brighter colours and an updated wordmark, it’s quite tempting to pick one up and quench my thirst.

Fanta's 2023 Rebrand: A Bold New Look for the Iconic Soda

Having a closer look at the redesigned packaging, it’s evident that they’ve worked with a whole creative village for the revamp. Collaborating with various artists and designers like Lucas Wakamatsu, Gretel, Colophon, and Tim Marsella, it’s no wonder the outcome seems unique and appealing.

When it comes to the flavours, Fanta is known for its vast variety and the rebranding doesn’t disappoint. For instance, I found out about their new Purple Mystery flavour “What The Fanta” 2023 edition, which seems to have people buzzing with guesses about what the actual taste might be. I can’t wait to give it a try myself!

Advertising and Social Media Campaigns

When I first learned about Fanta’s 2023 rebrand, I was excited to see how they would promote their new look and connect with their audience. They certainly didn’t disappoint with their advertising and social media campaigns. Let me share some highlights of their strategy with you.

One of the most interesting aspects of Fanta’s rebrand was its focus on connecting with Gen Z through multichannel marketing efforts. My impression was that they wanted to ensure their messaging was fresh, exciting, and playful – just like their new logo.

Fanta also made sure their new look was “bold, not boring” by introducing its first-ever global brand identity. This move was crucial in attracting younger audiences and giving Fanta a consistent and cohesive look across all international markets.

Another thing that caught my attention was their use of influencers and user-generated content in their social media efforts to engage their audience. They relied on the power of organic reach and authentic connections to build loyalty among fans and even encouraged fans to share their own playful content featuring Fanta’s products.

Additionally, Fanta made good use of social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, highlighting bright and colourful visuals that conveyed their new fun and playful image. Their social media feeds were filled with entertaining and shareable content, often featuring the fans themselves, showing off the new packaging design and logo.

Apart from traditional advertisements, Fanta went above and beyond in leveraging the power of social media and user-generated content to promote their rebranding. Their youthful, energetic approach made the brand feel more relatable to their target audience, and I’m excited to see how they’ll continue to innovate in the future.

Consumer Reception

I’ve noticed that Fanta’s 2023 rebrand has made quite a splash in the soft drink industry. The new logo and packaging have certainly grabbed my attention, and I’ve seen many people talking about the change on social media.

It seems that the new logo and the unique bottle shape have created an exciting and fun visual identity for Fanta. I’ve seen some consumers expressing their appreciation for the refreshing design, saying it reflects the brand’s fun and irreverent personality.

Fanta's 2023 Rebrand: A Bold New Look for the Iconic Soda

Moreover, it’s been interesting to see how the company has integrated the former Lilt brand into the Fanta family. With the rebranding of Lilt to Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit, some people are nostalgic about the classic “totally tropical taste” tag line, while others seem to appreciate the bold move to consolidate the brands under the Fanta umbrella.

Another aspect that has caught my attention is the #WhatTheFanta campaign, which introduced a new purple-coloured mystery Fanta. The campaign seems to have sparked curiosity among consumers, with predictions and discussions on social media about the mystery flavour.

However, not all reactions have been purely positive. Some people might feel hesitant about accepting these changes, especially if they’ve been loyal Fanta enthusiasts for years. But in general, the rebranding seems to have piqued consumer interest and created a buzz around the brand.

Impact on Sales and Market Share

As a result of Fanta’s rebranding in 2023, I noticed several effects on its sales and market share. Prior to the rebranding, Fanta was facing stiff competition from other soda brands like Sprite. For reference, Statista reported that Sprite had a larger U.S. market share of around eight percent in 2021, compared to Fanta’s market share, which remained under six percent.

After the rebranding, Fanta seems to have gained some traction in the market. I realised that Fanta’s sales increased, likely due to the company’s new marketing campaign and revised product packaging, which appealed to a broader audience. The new branding also helped to clarify Fanta’s unique selling points and differentiate it from competing brands.

Moreover, the rebranding appears to have had a positive impact on Fanta’s market share. Its market share increased slightly, driven by the newfound consumer interest and brand loyalty. While the exact percentage of growth is yet to be determined, it is a promising sign that Fanta’s rebrand has captured the attention of both existing and new consumers.

In terms of consumer reception, I found that the rebranding efforts led to a variety of opinions. Some appreciated the new look and feel of the product, while others were more resistant to the change. This is similar to what happened with Aunt Jemima’s name change, where the consumer base was evenly divided on the need for rebranding controversial brands. Nonetheless, the overall impact on Fanta’s sales and market share appears to be predominantly positive.

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