How Web Designers Can Help You Live a Better Life



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How Web Designers Can Help You Live a Better Life

Leave it to the Pros!

In our Age of Information, it takes five seconds to find anything we’re looking for. That includes your company.

Online is fast becoming the primary way that your target market will interact with you. So your site better be up to scratch.

Business Owners have enough to worry about without having to stress over creating a great website.

That’s why I have a bone to pick with those DIY website creators like Wix and Squarespace, where you’re forced to do the grunt-work yourself.

First off, they’re a real pain in the butt. I’ve heard dozens of stories from people asking to help ’em out after a failed attempt left them unsatisfied and having wasted a week of valuable time.

Then there’s the monetary aspect. See… what you ‘save’ is far less than what you end up paying for in time and effort.

Plus, they get the money out of you anyway.

They all claim to be ‘free’ tools but we all know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. They’re there to make money and trust me — they’ll ring as much out of you as possible.

Besides for that, you’re pretty much destined for the cookie-cutter effect. Even after all your hard work your site will look just like everything else. Being advised by the site’s robots leaves it feeling clinical and you, unsure if it’s what you really wanted.

Look, those sites are fine for wedding invitations or ‘granny’s first blog’ but they struggle with the heavy lifting that a real company’s site needs. What happens if your company grows — will you know how to expand your site properly to accommodate the growth?

This brings me to my main question: Do you know about UI, SEO or Responsive Web Design?

No? That’s okay.

I know nothing about plumbing, installing fish tanks or taming lions with a tiny chair.

My advice — leave it to the Pros.

Just because you’ve seen a couple websites, doesn’t make you an expert at creating them. I’ve watched a lot of Formula 1, but put me behind the wheel of a F1 car and calamity is sure to follow.

That’s what your website should be — a F1 machine, not a stock-standard 800cc Daewoo Matiz. Sure they’ll both get you from A-B but if you’re in the Matiz, you have no hope of keeping up with the other F1-level competition. Plus it’s far less exciting, looks worse and will get you there in triple the time.

When I built my home, I didn’t try to do it all myself, or use a template. I hired an architect, and a reputable construction company to bring my vision to life.

As with your home, it’s ill-advised to for you to physically build your company’s website. If you don’t have the experience then you’re sure to bump your head… or worse.

Hire a Pro and make your life easier. Get a real-life Web Designer to create your site. We’re happy to oblige.

Image © Christian Holzinger