Why Professional Web Design is the Secret Ingredient to Your Business Success

Why Professional Web Design is the Secret Ingredient to Your Business Success

With the world moving Online more and more, the easiest way to create a successful business is with a killer website.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t realise what a massively important marketing tool their website (still) is and prioritise other Marketing avenues over it.

Tell me, does your current site make your consumers come back for more, or does it leave a bad taste in their mouths?

See, your business is more than just a business.

It’s a part of you. And you developed it with the hope that others will enjoy it as much as you do.

In a lot of ways, a business is like a recipe, and the most important part of any recipe is the secret ingredient — the crucial aspect that makes your offering really stand out.

I recently figured out a truth about secret ingredients. It all starts with my Gran’s famous chicken soup.

It was the starter course for every meal my Gran cooked, so naturally I grew up on the stuff.

And it’s indescribably good.

I’ve had chicken soup all over the place, I’ve even had other people’s grans’ chicken soup. Problem was — nobody’s was ever as good as hers.

Not even close.

I just had to know! What made hers so incredible?

Then, on a cold, cloudless night, I waited to hear her secret ingredient with bated breath while she recited the recipe from memory. But it never came. Turns out it’s basically chicken and water.

She disagrees, she thinks that her secret ingredient is love. And while I’m sure that plays its part, I think there was something more substantial than that at work, namely: knowledge, training and experience.

My Gran has been making her soup for more than 50 years and I noticed that in her recipe there were no exact measurements. She went totally by feel, and more importantly, by her impressive set of expertise.

In short — SHE was the secret ingredient to her soup’s success.

My Gran’s chicken soup is a not unlike a website. Nowadays anyone can use an online website generator and slap one together, just like anyone can buy canned chicken soup from a store. It will serve its purpose but will never be special. It’ll be just like everyone else’s — amateurish and obviously shelf-bought. Hardly worth the trip.

My Gran’s soup is the same reason why you should invest in a real website, created by someone with as much experience, knowledge and enthusiasm as she has.

I believe that the Pros are pros for a reason. They know what they’re doing and can create something for you that is truly unique.

What people don’t realise about websites is that:

They are the Online manifestation of your Brand

Your website will often be your consumers first interaction with your company and their first impression of your brand. Do you want your consumers to have the perception that your brand is just like everyone else? Or worse — buggy and hard to use.

It is the Swiss Army Knife of your Marketing toolkit

Websites are incredibly versatile — and the harder you work on your website, the harder it’ll work for you. A well designed website can be your pitch, advert, call to action and even a purchase point. Plus, it has social and sharable links pasted right in so that it can act as an advert itself. Having it professionally designed will mean that the user interaction is improved; more of your site process is being viewed, and more sales are being made.

They are flexible

Web Developers have their finger on the pulse of the Online world. With one of us running your site we can quickly make updates and changes to fit in with the latest tech innovation or fad (like Infinite Scrolling, Parallax Scrolling or Responsive Design), keeping your site and your business relevant and user-friendly.

They are inexpensive

Well, relative to other marketing mediums at least. It’s way cheaper than other marketing tools like TV, Print or Radio. Online is where people spend their time, looking for things to buy or companies to work with. Don’t believe me? Then what are you doing right now?

Websites are the final port of call

Sure, Social Media Marketing is a massive lead generator. Question is — will your consumers like where they’re being led? Don’t overspend on Social at the expense of your main website. Make sure that your site is worth a visit.

In many ways your website is your product as well as your brand. That makes it pretty vital, don’t you think?

The key to satisfying customers and building a relationship with them is to spark their interest and develop trust in your brand. It’s equally as detrimental to have a sub-standard website as it is to have poor service or a bad product.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hire a Pro. Don’t try build it all by yourself. Get a real Web Designer in. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did.

Image © S Charles