Social Media Marketing Simplified for Your Business

Social Media MarketingĀ is a modern term, but the idea at it’s core is as old as business itself.

Even before there was television, written publications, or radio, marketing – the idea of spreading the word about your product or service in order to gain more customers – was done by word of mouth. The basic goalĀ of a business by definition is to gain customers and create revenue.

10 Social Media Trends That Can Help Your Business

It’s 2017, and by now it’s clear that social media dominates the global culture.

Is your business using social media in the most effective way possible?

Don’t overspend on Social Media at the expense of your main website

There seems to be a misconception that a strong Social Media presence trumps a strong Website.

When actually, your company can only be at its best when they work hand-in-hand, serving different functions.